Why aren’t spring assisted knives as illegal as switchblades?

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I find that they can open as fast as/as easily as switchblades, but why aren’t they as harshly regulated? I mean, I have to go through so much more trouble getting a tiny italian stiletto switchblade than a gigantic spring assist knife



  1. Rick M says:

    Federal laws are kind of confusing, but seem to be limited mostly to interstate sales and transport. State laws vary widely. In Arizona for instance, switchblade knives are not illegal. I think most switchblade laws were made because, for a time, they were the favored accessories of street gangs. A lot of weird laws came out then. In Arizona, again for instance, having a nunchuck is generally a class 6 felony, whether openly or concealed, but carrying a concealed pistol without a license is a class 3 misdemeanor. Go figure.

  2. Sage's Unicorn! says:

    As far as I know it is because a spring assisted knife can only be opened by applying pressure to the button on the side of the knife and once enough pressure is applied to the button to get the knife open about a quarter of the way open it is only then that the “spring” takes over and opens the knife all the way.

    In an Italian stiletto switchblade knife, or any other switchblade knife, it opens automatically once the button is on the handle is pushed or for that matter they can be opened with the flick of the wrist so they open much faster thus making them so much more dangerous. A person is stabbed even before they see the knife if the user is good enough but with the spring assisted knife it does not open as fast because it needs the additional pressure and time to open it. Also some switchblades open from the top and spring assisted knives only open from the side.

    Spring assisted knives are often considered utility knives or life savers instead of life takers as firemen, ambulance drivers, fishermen, and one armed people use them for the utility purpose. One example is that if a person is trapped inside a car then the spring assisted, (utility knife), can be used to cut off seat belts etc. in order to get the trapped person out of the car.

    Hope it helps!

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